Lots and Lots of Nothing but at least the flowers are pretty.

IMG_6656A crazy cocktail of Ativan, Advil pm and a nip of Bailey’s…the carefully crafted recipe for a nice night of sleep. LOL…crazy I know but I do not do it too often. I had my coffee and plonked down on the couch for lots and lots of nothing. I must be in one of those design funk days. I came up with a meh design for mother’s day. My red move circle on my watch was going nowhere fast. I was not really in the mood but I decided to put on my walking shoes and haul ass around the lagoon. A slow leisurely walk did me the world of good…mentally at least. I took a number of nature pictures so I will have some great shots to use in projects and to share here. I am enthralled by my audible book, Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah. It is extremely heartwarming and great listening for a walk. I even used my calm app to meditate. It felt good to be out on the lagoon again.  Max and I picked up BBQ for dinner and now an end to a “lots and lots of nothing” day with a little Big Bang Theory and Modern Family. It is very seldom that the three of us get to sit and relax together. Treasuring this time as it happens less and less. IMG_6618

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