Lattes and empanadas


This is it. This weekend we think Max has to decide on which college he will be accepting. Very nervewracking. I do not think he knows what to do. I think he will be very happy at either Tufts or BU but I think he still is holding out for that NYU waitlist. He is, however, taking forever to complete the forms.

If I do go and visit my family it is normally on a Friday. I went down this morning and my mom, sister and myself went to this little place called The Empanada King. They have the most fantastic coffee. It is so well made and delicious. It was good for a laugh and a chat about everything and nothing. The coffee mornings with my sister Jo and my mom and dad are very special. The drive is long but it is nice to spend time with them. We went back to Jo’s house and laughed and commiserated over the kids graduating from high school. Making arrangements. I listed some of the girls’old prom dresses on for sale.Listed a pair of Birks for Nana. So my task this weekend it sort through the list and find someone.arghhhhhhh. Onto more exciting things. We got to order a lei from Hawaii for the boy’s graduation. Now if he could just commit to a college already.  His girlfriend asked him to prom today…So cute. I also picked up my scarf samples from my mom. I sold six scarves to friends of a friend of my mom…complicated huh! I made $210….well less my costs. It is not about the money but about the first steps to getting this business going. I am thinking of heading up to the college of San Mateo to check out the Saturday Market. I also need to check the Belmont Farmer’s market. Next week the promise I made to go to the San Carlos boutiques has to happen. Happy Weekend. I will be spending time finishing off my Honors essay on the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda and starting my project for animation. It has to be a take on the Bambi vs Godzilla cartoon. Cartooning is not my thing but a needed class. Gearing up for a summer of anthropology and math…Lord help me. Happy Weekend everyone. I will post new designs if I feel inspired to create. Still trying to figure out how to sell scarves on this site. Keep watching.


My first six sales.


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