Where I work and other secrets

206C70A4-651E-4AF1-87F0-E36599E1D1F6So this is my desk. Where all the magic happens….ok I exaggerate. Most times this desk just holds my favorite things. Swatches of fabric. My little Matryoshka doll I bought in Boston.  My little breathe zen statue….pretty ironic seeing as I cannot breathe at the moment. My jewelry box and favorite perfume and a piggy bank stuffed with loose change and fortune cookie fortunes.

The poetry reading was not as awful as I anticipated. My last poem made me cry. So I almost backed out of reading the last one about Max leaving for school. A few kids were tearful and a young girl at the back was crying and said she would be going off to college and her sister was leaving the state with her daughter and now she understood why her mother was so sad. The English class I am attending at the local college has a program called middle college. It is a special program for high schoolers to get some college credit ahead of time.

I went and sat at  Mints and Honey again today; it is really a lovely little place. I worked on a Mandala, watched YouTube, journaled and chilled for two hours. I came home and went for a walk. I walked a mile while chatting to my mom on the phone.

No designs today but you did get two blog entries. This is not going to happen very often. Hopefully a few designs will show up this weekend. I am working on products that can be bought directly off this site. I am thinking scarves, tote bags, cushions and posters. What would you want to see for sale? Leave a comment below.

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