Ready, Set and Go

IMG_7416.jpgThe restorative yoga class was wonderful last night. I am going to be signing up at the end of this trial month. I plan to try and go at least twice a week. I will start off slow and see how it goes. My hip bone spur and ligament tears are making me limp again. So annoying. Maybe this will strengthen my joints.  It is really good for my soul.

I woke up late this morning. I took some sleeping aids to help me really sleep last night. I got up and started building the Ikea furniture that I need for the farmers market stall tomorrow. I am happy with what I purchased. It worked out well. I can get it out of the car myself and they are both wheeled items. The chair will have to be carried but it is not to bad I might even be able to put the chair on the clothing rack. The banner I ordered worked perfectly on the rolling shelf I bought to hold the business cards and cash box. I am set up to take credit cards on my phone and everything is set. I just need to remember to take my water and a few snacks.

I have tried to keep ahead of the anxiety today. I am still struggling but working keeps your brain busy. Yesterday my nutritionist was trying to convince me that I would really get my body kickstarted if I blended greens and fruit into smoothies and start off my day with it. So I decided to give it a try. I bought mixed pea greens and added it to some juice, strawberries puree that I froze and peaches and a banana. It was surprisingly so delicious that I want to seriously give it a try daily to get the nutrients that I am sorely lacking from my horrendous eating habits.

So I have absolutely no idea just what tomorrow will bring. I am extremely nervous. It is a beautiful hot day. All the doors and windows are open. The kiddo has gone to a friend’s birthday party and lovie and I have been chillings. I am 51 and I had a full beer…well an alcoholic root beer for the first time in my life. Not sure how you get to 51 without ever completing a beer but I have. It was really enjoyable in this hot weather. We did not even want to go to dinner we just found some salads and chicken in the fridge and ate at home. No fuss no muss.

I want to go to bed early tonight because of tomorrow’s market. I am so worried about having to pee. I have to be there from 9-2pm…yikes. I am alone for the whole time.

I interrupted this blog this evening to go for a lovely stroll around the lagoon with Lovie. As usual, it had cooled off a lot and it was on the chilly side but I managed to nab this very cool photo as the sun was setting. IMG_7426Catch you all later. I will most likely blog about my adventures at the farmer’s market tomorrow. I wish I was more confident.


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