Friday at last

IMG_7407So we all made it to Friday. I am still in a state of serious anxiety and panic. The visit to my nutritionist went well. She is the kindest, sweetest most wonderful woman I have met. She is always so helpful. I am getting it slowly but surely…I hope. I think. The relationship with food is improving a little bit at a time. My actual nutrition and getting good fuel into my body is most definitely a work in progress. I am not sure how a 50-year old woman gets to 50 without that skill….but it is what it is. Apart from that, I went to Office Depot to pick up a few bits and bobs. I am set up to take credit cards on my phone so I wanted to make sure I had a battery power bank and I found a great deal and for a Vivitar for $3 on sale. I came home and boy was missing. I thought he had just missed me and was on his way to meet her. She confuses me sometimes. I think she is lovely and perfect for him but she keeps him on a string and will cancel plans or spend a day with girlfriends instead of him. She will get back from a trip and not see him for two more days. I cannot understand it. He is so gentle and loving that he just takes it. I would say she is not that into it but honestly, I have seen the way she looks at her and him at her. She looks at him so adoringly. Teenagers…yikes. I just cannot stand seeing him hurting. He has always been a tender old soul. He also has not yet found a job. He really needs to get moving.

I am busy making lasagna and then I am heading out to go and attend a restorative yoga class again. It is honestly one of the most relaxing things I have ever done. It is such a pity that the drive and parking experience is the usual Bay Area Nightmare. I have to leave an hour early to find parking at a class 2 miles away. It is like when I go to visit no Jean on a Wednesday. My appointment is at 2:30pm and it is 60 min. I have to leave home at 1:40 to make sure I get there on time and if I go to the grocery store I get home after 5pm. Her office is about 4-5 miles away. Crazy. A one-hour appointment basically kills the whole afternoon. I took a nap this afternoon for the first time in a few weeks. I did dose myself with Ativan and some baileys last night so maybe I was not finished sleeping.

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 5.16.54 PMNow for a little giggle at the ditz. I have bought a clothing rack and another 3 tier organizer on wheels for the farmers market on Sunday. Like all good Ikea things, you have to build them yourself. Now I am a little odd on most levels and one of them is that I love building Ikea furniture. So I set out about putting the clothing rack on wheels together. Darn it. I am almost finished and I wanted to attach the top rail that the clothes hang on and I dropped the bolt into the tube and now it is stuck and I cannot get it out. I was so close to getting done. I think it is going to be perfect for my needs. I am dying to try it out so boohoo. Welcome to my life. I am hoping the guys can pull the end cap so we can get it out….otherwise, I am not sure what to do.

Ok, I am off to try and calm my troubled soul. Have a wonderful and peaceful weekend. I will let you know how the farmer’s market went.

Happy Weekend.

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