Anxiety and Panic is hell

IMG_7411I have been besides my self with severe anxiety and sadness over the past 4 days. These times attack with a vengeance. The past three years have been so taxing when confronted with this affliction. It turns my life upside down. I literally cannot cope with the simplest of things. It is so ridiculous to have a good marriage, a good life, an amazing son and still feel this severe choking anxiety. I saw “not Jean” yesterday for my weekly appointment. It is good to talk it through but I just want to go and sleep it away. I did go to yoga last night. It is gentle Yin yoga. There was no one there. I was one of only three people in the class. I think I am falling in love with yoga. I am hoping that it will help with the anxiety and possibly my hip pain. Tomorrow night is Restorative yoga. I am going to go for sure. I am ramping up to the farmers market on Sunday. I am besides myself about whether the stuff is good enough and am I good enough to be there. I go between the designs are fine and no they suck.

Tomorrow I have to go and see the nutritionist, J. Not sure how that will go. My food issue seems to be under control at least. I just wish I could lose the 10 pounds that I gained after my iron infusion. It will not budge. Hoping the yoga will kick it into gear. Who the hell knows?

I went to the Southbay to go and check on my stall. I was supposed to work but my mood was not conducive to it so Nana and I went for lunch. I popped into the Bev Mo to pick up some Bailey Strawberries and Cream for my sisters. Have you had that stuff? Amazing.

I then hung out with two of my nieces and nana and then I decided to come on home. Arghhhhh the traffic. The journey never used to seem to be so long but it takes forever to get there and miss the window and the traffic coming home is a nightmare. Sorry that this is so negative but it is what it is. It is how I feel and I cannot help it. Thanks for stopping by to read this Debbie Downer blog. Happy Friday and I hope that you have a peaceful weekend.



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