It’s too peopley out there

IMG_7428.JPGI found this shirt on Zulily today that says “Stay Home it is too Peopley out there” I could not have said it better. I went and did the farmers market today. I do not know if I can handle this. It was so agonizing and nervewracking for me. More than once I could have abandoned ship and just left my stuff and run screaming. I am really an odd cookie. Not sure why I am so nervous about this but I am. I really think that this can go somewhere but I need to figure out how to explain that it is my own artwork and that is why every one of the scarves is different. I sold nothing but neither did the lady next to me right up until 10 min to closing when she sold a small little purse. The other lady near me sold one or two fairy houses that she makes. I am so conflicted. I want to make this work but I just am not sure if I am a person cut out for being at festivals. I just cannot deal with people…..sad but true. I am going to stick it out for now and try different displays to see what works.

This evening the guys and I went to a concert in the park near our home. It was lovely. This area near the bay is notorious for it’s freezing and wild wind. It was very pleasant in the park and there was a food truck selling waffles. It was lovely to sit and listen to music. We are getting old because next time we will be sure to take chairs. My hip is pretty bad at the best of times. I am hobbling along again. This is so frustrating as it messes with exercise. h1JltEc4Riy0Quzw90CV5w Our pal, Wallace, as he was dubbed by Max. He joined us for the concert, He moved like the wind.

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