Monday Blues

P1080795copyI woke up this morning feeling less than great. It is odd because I feel like I have a hangover. This is odd because I have never been drunk so I do not know what a hangover feeling like. I have decided to play hookie and not go to my class today. I have to work on my final web design project for the semester. We have to design a working website from scratch. I thought of one showcasing my amateur nature photography. I think that could be interesting. I hate these days when I wake up fuzzy headed and nauseous. I am two years out from my last surgery and last relapse of Cdiff and I still get these wacky days. Who knew a gallstone stuck in your bile duct could have caused so much havoc. The path back to “normal” has taken so long. Physically I feel great most days and I am +100lb lighter and so much fitter and then I get days like this. It normally means I have eaten something that my body did not like….arghhh. Mentally it has taken a really big toll and I have had a really hard time bouncing back as it opened a can of worms with my anxiety and food issues. I have been struggling with “food issues” all of my life. I initially went to see a therapist to deal with my anxiety and crippling panic reaction to everything that went wrong with the bile duct obstruction. I am still seeing her although I am down to twice a month. She is the one that has encouraged me to go back to school and on my fitness quest. I must say I am grateful for her input.

Well enough with the histrionics. Moving on to today. It is a rather gloomy looking day outside. I think I will keep working on that art project for class and maybe go for a walk later today. I just need to clear this funky lightheaded feeling. I used to have this goal of 10 000 steps daily but that is when I was doing nothing but walking and recovering. I would go out 4 times a day to get the steps done. I was only able to manage a mile at a time. Now I can handle at least 3 miles in one shot. I have completed two 5K walks with ease. I now have so many things on the go. I have set it back to 7000 and I am making an effort not to be so fanatical about my step count. I tend to obsess about stuff like that. Here are some of the rain pictures I captured the other day, I am fascinated by dew or rain on the plants.



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