So much for making sure I kept up with a posting daily. I guess this happens often. I have not even been to the blog since Easter. We had a lovely low key family celebration with the old folks and cousins. I love having everyone over but it always seems stressful. IMG_1218I always use my granny’s table linen. It is at least 70 years old. I chose a striped and blue gingham theme this time. I will tell you I cheated and used plastic….Yup. I did…hangs her head in shame.

The following week was pretty uneventful. I had some classes and I wrote a midterm. I got a 97 on my midterm in web design and great feedback on my two art projects in digital painting. Here is the Macaron Tower that I got for my 50th birthday. I was so thrilled with the end result.macaronblog

We are now working on a Tromp L’oeil. This is the scene I put together for my painting. I then discovered that I am nuts. I am loving the work but there is a lot of detail.

I was a little crazy to take in on as my final project. I also have to build a personal website. I think I will use it to build a website featuring my nature photography.

I took some wonderful pictures the other morning. The plants and flowers were covered in rain drops. I got some really awesome dawn pictures. I will share them in a few days time.

I have been aiming to conquer The Dish hike in Palo Alto so finally plucked up the courage to do it and I made an attempt. I failed but I did make it more than half way so I guess that is not too bad.  The day was perfect for hiking but the hills got the better of me.  The views of the bay were however stunning. I got a little nervous coming back down the last incline as my torn ACL, that was never repaired, felt like it would hyperextend. I think I will still work towards beating the hike.

My baby is a junior in high school and he went to his first prom last night. I think I was more excited than he was…no maybe not. He has started seeing this beautiful young lady who is in theater with him. They are so cute together. It is very sweet. This was the first date he has had for a school dance. He has always gone stag to homecoming and winter formal. I am going to share this picture because she is not facing the camera. I do not know if she would like being on this blog so I will not show the other pictures of them together. My guy is very retro. The theme was The Great Gatsby and he so carries off his own style.

The hubby and I found a little french place called La Boheme for a dinner date.  It was pretty good. The only thing was that I am very limited in what I can and will eat…Long story….and I found it very hard to find anything to eat. I ended up having some French Onion soup without eating any of the cheese. A yummy beet salad for dinner.  This was our dessert that we split. I worked out that I could probably afford the calories for the day so we ordered the île flottante. 


Well this was certainly a blog with many personalities this evening. I am back and hopefully I have a new attitude about keeping up my blog. See you later and thanks for the visit.


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