I guess I am easily amused. I was reading an article about this app on google called deepdreamgenerator.com Way too much fun. dream_3194c29121Here are some of the results. I am blown away. My imagination is starting to run away with me. I can imagine all of the projects that I could create with these pictures.

All of these are from my own nature pictures.

I am done with  springbreak. I have regrets about not getting anything done .  I caught up with my homework and I am ready for class tomorrow.  I have a super hard time with remembering all of the syntax but I am finding the class interesting. I have an 91 so far. The most exciting thing about this weekend was I got a 94c payout of royalties for a cushion I sold on zazzle.com. Whoopi…Let me go shopping. The cushion featured my feather logo against the blue background. Now I know it was a 94c pay out but it is fun to earn a few pennies.

My boy is on spring break this week and studying hard for his SATs. He has his prom date squared away and he has a date with her again on Tuesday. They are going ice skating…so darn cute.

Here is hoping that you have a wonderful week leading up to Easter. I have all the decor and chocolate for Easter and I am ready to host next week. The Easter egg goodies are purchased and I just need to go shopping for brunch ingredients. Hoppy Easter Week.

See you tomorrow.

I have items on Zazzle with the main image flower on products.



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