Sew, Sew bored

IMG_1006I can honestly say that this week was a big fat nothing. I did not get very much accomplished. I still have not tackled the dish. I did drive past it yesterday. I was running late on my way to visit my parents so I could not stop but I have no assessed the lay of the land. I will, I will, I will. I know I will do it soon. My anxiety has been gripping me again for the past two days. The weather was great earlier this week but it unraveled like my plans. The wind is howling and it has been raining all day. Crazy.

The fabrics displayed above are samples of my own. This is the fabric I have been creating from my own photos. These are just fat quarters so I am trying to figure out something creative to make with the fabric. I need a laptop messenger bag. I am busy making one for a friend who is in my classes at school. I have not done sewing in a long time. I felt a little like a newbie and I bent a needle…OOPS. I did enjoy it again.

I also wanted to share that my kiddo asked his gal to the prom and he is so happy that she said yes. He such a good kid and he works hard so I am happy that he has this little romance on the go. So sweet…first romance.

Have a good and peaceful weekend.


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