Stanford state of mind

17493040_10155234309312422_1197877686074373698_oI had a rough morning trying to talk myself into going out. Anywhere, somewhere…just go out. I could not pluck up the courage to go to Filoli house. I also did not go to the Dish. I did have a ED nutritionist appointment. I went to the office two hours early..what a ditz. So I got an errand done and then I went back for my appointment. She is such a lovely and understanding lady. Dealing with my food issues can be exhausting. I then decided that I was going to MAKE myself go to walk around the Stanford Mall. I surprised myself and walked around for a long time. I of course could not resist a pair of Lululemon capri yoga pants. I had a coffee. I even got home after the kiddo this evening. Tomorrow it will be 20 years since I met my husband for the first time. We are a couple. He is taking the time off and we are going down to the spot where we met. I am looking forward to spend the time with him.
The flowers at Stanford were magnificent. I only used my phone but here are a few more lovely flowers.

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