Great Expectations

Blogapr3bThe first day of spring break. Great Expectations for this week but already it is fizzling. I woke up early and after walking to the car with my guy I went ahead and set off my camera for my first walk of the day. My fear is that I will end up overeating this week because of anxiety and boredom. I pulled out the camera and it died on me. The battery was kaput so no pictures this morning. The walk however was very pleasant. A good start to the day but then I came home and conked on the sofa for about 90 min. Now I am sitting here watching nutrition videos on youtube and so I decided that I really needed to blog at least. This will not be that thrilling but I had to make the effort. No going out today. I have to keep myself in check because I can easily slip down the rathole of depression again.

That is me for today. Happy Monday and may you have a wonderful week.


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