I can see clearly now the rain is gone.

blogAprcWow! What a beautiful day. My hubby and I went for a lovely 3 mile walk today. Halfway through the walk we sat for a while. He watched planes using his iphone app and I took time to take some nature pictures. I got some pretty pictures today.  This is one that he suggested. I took more than a few to get the bird without motion blur. These days make life so enjoyable. Here are a few more that I took. I came home wiped out. I made the guys their lunch and I crashed for one hour. I am not sure why I am needing naps again but I just need to accept it I guess.

blogApr3aThe kiddo had to go to school for an AP study session so we got to go out on a dinner date. Delicious Latin food. This chef is amazing. We have been to his other restaurant and this one was just a good. The place is called LV Mar. Redwood City really is shaping up with good places to eat.

I am officially on Spring Break. I want to concentrate on taking more photos this week. I plan to be more adventurous and go somewhere like Filoli House to take some garden pictures. I was thinking that this might be a good week for me to attempt the dish. Let us see if I pluck up the courage to do it.  I also plan on really working on my designs and getting more products up and running on Zazzle.

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