A New Angel

NewangellPlease excuse the “lovely” nineties clothing. My husband is from Wisconsin and this was a photo from our first trip to visit his family. Here we are with his Aunty Bernice. Aunty Bernice passed away yesterday at the age of 88. Rest in Peace. This women was a saint. A real mensch as they say. She never married and she was a school teacher for 35 years. She was generous to a fault and often to her own detriment. She helped many of the troubled youth in her neighborhood. She was sometimes taken advantage of by these kids but she always gave everything she had… monetarily, physically and emotionally. She was invested in them. She was very eccentric but that is what made her endearing.
I am sure that when she arrived at the Pearly Gates yesterday morning that God was personally there to welcome her. May you rest in peace Aunt Bernice. You were truly a good soul. fullsizeoutput_3c9a

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