Well Healed????

My anxiety still hanging around. Unwelcome and unwanted. Weird day today. We got a chance to drive “boyboy” to his SAT testing. We never get to take him anywhere since he is driving. The kid is wiped out. Two APs, an Honors Chem test and the SAT all in one week. He crashed on his bed this afternoon…very unusual for our guy.

I had a nutritionist appointment yesterday. She is such a wonderful gentle lady. So knowledgable and sweet. She is very helpful with my food issues.

I have been nursing my heels for a few days this week. It has been killing me but I decided that I needed to walk or go crazy. So early this morning I set out and made it a mile round trip with no pain….Success. I am sitting with my foot on an ice pack. My nicely manicured toes and fingers. IMG_1541Ok, these Birkenstocks are the new Crocs. I promised my sister that I would not wear them out of the house…LOL. I actually would never wear them out and about. I bought them because I need something to wear in the house and I do not want to destroy my good Birks.

I have spent the day working on my Trompe l’oeil for my final class. It is coming along really nicely. Tons of work and a very ambitious project for an amateur. I have to finish up my web page and my usability study for another. Yikes.


This is my painting. It is getting there. Almost done. Not sure what that messy stroke is on the La Mode buttons. Confusing because if I go to the painting I cannot find it.Tromp0506_blogI love watching/listening to Youtube while I work. I am so addicted to this Vlogger Peter Monn. He is the gay married man version of me with all of his panic and anxiety. I find him so real and honest. I never would have believed I could enjoy someone talking about his life as much as I enjoy him so much. The other vlogger is a young crazy woman who fashion vlogs about plus size clothing. She has a wonderful sunny personality and I love her style. Her name is Annie and she goes by Glitterandlazers. If I am not watching them then I have to watch Nick Pitera and his many voices. This guy is wildly talented.

Well, time for a shower and crawling into bed with my ipad pro. I have been farting around with this fantastic drawing app called Sketch. The pictures you can create really rock. Here is some fun doodles I created last night. I am crazy about the way the ink pen draws with the apple pen. I can sit and doodle all night long.

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