Sliding into nowhere.

adollopHappy Sunday to all. I cannot believe that I have spent most of my day on the darn couch trying to complete my final web page for school. I am struggling so much. Darn. I hope I have a complete product by the end of the month. My class is tomorrow and I hopefully can ask for some help.

I did however sneak in a nice one mile stroll around the lagoon. It was so beautiful this morning. I did not know that geese can be flaky mothers. They are normally so protective but this little guy wandered off and down the road and his parents did not notice at all. I have never seen them like that before. Very amusing to see that flaky parenting goes beyond humans. duckyI used my calm app today to try and tame the beast. I am a little less strung out with anxiety but not completely free. My weight is driving me crazy. I have been losing the same three pounds for weeks. I am trying to be as strict as possible and trying to up the walking back to my old distances. I am nursing this darn foot so I am not sure when it will be back to 10 000 steps a day. Now I just strive for 7000. Have a great week. Peace


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