IMG_0068What a truly weird day. I actually walked two miles this morning before 8am. Crazy. I set off and headed back when it started raining . I almost got home and the clouds had passed over and this is what I saw so I kept on going. This was for the first time in weeks that my feet said…keep on trekking. I was hopeful that it would be good for my soul but as the day has crept on that horrible choking anxiety has crept in. I have tried to design some items on my online stores, I have napped and watched TV and nothing is doing it for me. I feel lost, lonely and stressed out. Creative juices just seem to be absent. Fighting with an urge to eat today. It has not been horrendous but I am sitting at about 1500 calories and that is enough to freak me out.  18422938_10155360756902422_6928854607370896699_oTonight we are going to the spring concert at my son’s high school. The kiddo is so involved. Gotta love him. He is a real character. Yesterday he finally received the shoes that he has been wanting for almost two years. He has stayed up all hours to try and get these shoes but they have always sold out.  Last night he sprayed them with a special spray to protect them from scuffs and he was walking on air when he left for school today. Tanning fluid must be in his DNA..LOL…my dad used to have shoe stores when I was a kid and the boy is just like his papa.

This is short tonight because I have to go and get ready to head out to school. Happy Friday and have a wonderful Mother’s day weekend. This weekend I want to put all my school finals to bed. This morning I registered for summer and fall classes. I am now starting to tackle the General Ed requirements….Yikes.


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