Happy Mother’s day to all the beautiful mothers worldwide

menmamaHappy Mother’s Day!. Here I am with my beautiful mother Lanibeth. We love the old girl so much. She can drive you batty but she gives so much love everyday to all of us. She adores her girls and her 4 grandkids. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful mother. I have two younger sisters and we clubbed in to buy her some Birkenstocks for her gift. She deserves it. I wish I could spoil her a little more.

My day was very nice. I got in a 2 mile walk and I relaxed in between doing laundry…Yeah I know I should not have done laundry. I just wanted to get it done for the week. My boys spoilt me with the gift that I requested. I wanted spa gift cards to go for a facial. I made a reservation at my favorite restaurant and then I told them that is where we were going tonight for dinner. I had my usual Sunday Chicken.

dinnermothersdayI love this place. It is so delicious. I never finish anything I order so I have lunch for tomorrow. I even have half of my peanut butter pie. The place serves New Orleans southern food. The picture of me and my mom was taken at the same restaurant, Creola, at my 50th birthday.

My kiddo is more adventurous. He had Tuna Tartare  Tacos as his appetiser.Not my scene but I think it looked very pretty. I have a very weird beef allergy and if I have beef I get very achy joints for about 24-18 hours. It feels like I have aged 40 years. Tonight my hands are starting to hurt. Always my first sign of some type of beef contamination. I will be so disappointed if it is from Creola because of some type of unwitting cross contamination. I will have to power up the benadryl for the night. Hopefully it will be gone in no time.
All in all a wonderful Mother’s day. Being Max’s mom is a privilege. He is a wonderful young man. He always makes us proud. The past 18 years have been pure joy. I love him more than life itself. Seeing him off on a date on Saturday is gut wrenching but you have to let them fly.

Well that is all the ramblings of a crazy mama. I am approaching my last two weeks of school. I have a week off before I start two summer session classes. This should be very interesting.

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