I can’t fight this feeling any longer.

I decided today that after the rough day yesterday I just needed to sit quietly today and try and relax and calm down. So I decided to try and finish off my school projects. I submitted my web design project and it was a weight off my shoulders. I hit up the lorazepam bottle today again but I limit it to a 1/2 tablet a day and not every day. I went to school this evening . I do really love going to school. The digital media department small and our professors are great. I feel like they are so personable because they are around my age. I even enjoy the company of L my class pal. Old girl makes life interesting. It is a nice little campus and for a community college it has a super view . I will post a picture of the hills tomorrow.

Here are three more stress doodle ladies. This is what I do late at night when I cannot sleep at night. Creating them calms me down

Just an amazing aside. If you live with guys then you know that sometimes if you want them to treat you for special days like Mother’s Day and birthdays you need to steer them in the desired direction. So I booked a restaurant..my favorite restaurant for Mother’s day and told them where they are taking mean Sunday….hey, you to do what you have to do.

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