cupcakeposterrainbowA new design. Rainbow Cupcake and Candy PopArt. I drew this from a picture that my sister had taken of a party treat that she created. I love the way it turned out. I am using it on my Zazzle store products.  I am loving the design. I am so frustrated with my design chops at the moment. I am scattered and cannot seem to focus on what I want my products to be. I sold a flash drive on Zazzle the other day. Very amusing because it was a retro design of a goldfish. I had created it to practice Bezier curves for an Adobe Illustrator class. I am always amused as to what actually sells. The other one I sold was a bag with a picture of a coffee and a scone that I had taken in a coffee shop years ago.Always fascinating. It is never the thing that you expect.  I wish I could figure out what on earth I want the product to look like. I guess I need to just keep on slogging. I will figure it out I guess. I am staying focused on my two classes. They are pretty fast paced so I need to be on top of it to keep up. I can now say that I am determined to finish my Junior degree and then see where that takes me.  I love having this outlet.

I had finally picked up the courage to make a dentist’s appointment. My teeth are in such bad shape after being sick and I was told not to touch them for at least a year. Now I have let two years go by and they are in bad shape. I have to have two implants so I need to get repairs done. I really liked the dentist and his staff. I took a half of a lorazepam. I survived..LOL…Of course, I did.

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