Closing my Shopify


I have decided to close my Shopify account for now. Like this blog, the traffic is zero. I am busy with class at the moment so I cannot afford the time to work on marketing. I think I am going to just go ahead and keep loading items into my store there. I will just keep plodding with designs and cultivate my designs. I figure if I keep working on them I will improve. I think I will also keep them up on Spoonflower. I really have a love of fabric design for some reason. I think it is the repetition and symmetry. The OCD comes out I guess.

My anxiety has been out of control again. I cannot get a handle on it. Drives me crazy. That feeling that someone is grabbing you by the throat is never fun. I just keep on slogging away at trying to calm myself down. I am enjoying my classes. Just a month more and I will have my 6 credits. It is taking a lot of commitment to make sure that I keep on top of it.

My boy is so adorable. He is taking his girlfriend on a picnic tomorrow. They have not seen each other in almost 20 days due to both of them being on separate trips.  I told him to buy her some flowers when he picks up the sodas and dessert. Oh to be young and in love…well at least I am still in love.

This should be an interesting week. I hope you have a blessed and peaceful week and enjoy the summer weather if you are reading this from the Northern Hemisphere.

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