Three months on

fullsizeoutput_4868IMG_2820Wow! Time flies when you are having fun. We are back in school and summer vacation is over. We had a lazy July with the usual 4th of July celebration we have with my sister and her family. I completed two courses at the college. Psychology and the Biology of Nutrition online and double time. I ended up with a B and C but 6 more credits.  In August we planned a three state college store.  Our first stop was NYU and this is still his top choice. The tour was excellent. I must say that I feel a little better because we stayed in the village and it is pretty neat. It does not even feel like Manhattan. It was as hot as Hades and the guys went exploring up to the Empire State without me. I was exhausted and the wig makes it worse. Next Stop was Boston and we saw Tufts, BU, and BC. I really like BU but then I am a fan of the city of Boston even if they entertain the human excrement aka as ANTIFA terrorists. We then went on to LA to see Chapman, Pomona, Claremont Mckenna. That was a good stop as well. I liked Chapman and Claremont McKenna but Pomona arghhhhhhhh hated it.

When we got back we ended the summer on a quiet note. I decided to buy peach hair…What do you think? Everyone is wearing it.
Max wrote his SAT again and he had 12 colleges to apply to now. I hate the thought of him going far away from us for college.



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