March 2018

So this is the kiddo and all of the brochures sent to him by all of the colleges he showed interest in and a few more. He has been accepted by three so far and we are still waiting for I think another 5. They all seem to stagger their admissions. So far it looks like Boston is the destination if the other east coast colleges do not pan out. I am getting sad and excited for him all at the same time. He turned 18 last month and that was an extremely difficult milestone for me. I am in a very confused place at the moment when it comes to letting my baby go. He has a girlfriend and they celebrated their first anniversary yesterday…..Oh, young love. So sweet.

My degree is chugging along. I should be done by the end of the year. I am working hard on trying to get an online surface design business going. I have been designing products bearing my designs. I love making scarves and I am about to attempt to sell them to boutiques. I am also looking into stalls at summer art and wine festivals as well as Artistry in Fashion at Canada College this fall. I will be sharing my new designs on this site, so keep an eye open for new designs and products.

I actually got to walk a mile today. I have been struggling for months with a very painful hip. I am still trying to find the cause. Two failed MRI’s under my belt and I will be attempting it again on Friday. The hip is cramping my style. I hope that it does not require surgery. My therapist who helps me with anxiety is retiring in two weeks. I am so sad to see her go. She guided me through some very savage anxiety and PTSD due to a medical crisis.I came out a much better person and I owe her a depth of gratitude for all of her kindness, compassion and common sense. (and loads and loads of patience). She cajoled and preached and got me to believe in myself again. It is thanks to her that I am back and school and starting my business. She never let me get away with backing down. She made me look forward with confidence. I can never thank her enough for all of the positive changes I have made. Thanks, Jean. Not sure if she would ever see this but my gratitude is now out there in the universe.

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