A Cake for my girl

My precious niece Jordy is turning 18 this weekend. She is six weeks younger than our guy. I decided to get my Pinterest juices going and make her a money cake for her special day. This is what I came up with for this project. I never know where these things will end up but here it is. With a trip to Michaels and a little imagination, you can also do this project. I needed $70 in $1 bills. I bought flower oasis sponge and then scrounged around my craft closet for most of the other items.  I needed to get my craft Yaya out and I had a blast creating this. I have not made any patterns for two days and I need to get started on something new. Next week I have spring break. I have a paper to complete for my English Honors class and I have an animation project due for my animation class. I want to enter a few fabric contests and I have an idea for a shoe design for a pattern. Watch this space for links to my new designs. Tomorrow I am making a third attempt at an MRI on my hip. Gosh, I sure hope that I can actually do it tomorrow. My hip is in trouble and I really need to find out what is going on with it so I can once again start exercising. We started talking about a summer trip. We were talking about London again. Next year we plan on going to see the Northern Lights in Iceland. If we do plan on going to London late this summer I want to be fit and ready to walk. I cannot bear the thought of being unfit in London like I was last time. I have an expired passport so I am not going anywhere until I sort that out.


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