A super birthday and MRI accomplished

I did it. I actually have had the MRI on my right hip. I am such a ditz because I made sure I took out my rings, earrings and I even wore a wire-free bra…However, I arrive and my sister points out that my shirt has metal studs. We had to go into the changing room and switch shirts. I hit up the Ativan and I splurged on two. I actually dozed off during the MRI. I will hear the results on Friday. I just want to get to the bottom of it so that I can get exercising again. I have gone hog wild today with food. I am sitting close to 2000 calories. This may not seem that extraordinary but for my fat ass, it just does not work. I am feeling pretty bummed about my lack of weight loss and I start calculating just how much I can starve to get it right.

We had a super time celebrating with our girl today. She is such a character. Love her to bits. Max took a separate car because he has volunteered to work on a film for a kid in the film club. I cannot believe he does them a favor and they tell him to bring his own dinner. I cannot believe the cheek of it. Unbelievable. I cannot believe that Jordy actually took apart the money cake to add the money to her birthday cash. That girl cracks me up.

Moving onto the next celebration. Easter next week at our house then it will be the birthdays of the other two girlies and my baby sister as well as Mother’s day…all in a span of two weeks. Then a month and it is graduation. Yikes.

I am in a design doldrums for the past few days. I have created nothing. I need to get going on something..anything. This cannot go on. So watch this space. Hopefully, I will have something to share soon.

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