You are never too old for an Easter egg hunt

We had a lovely Easter celebration with the cousins this Sunday. Poor nana had a vertigo attack and so her and papa gave it a miss. We still had a nice time. The kids crack us up. Really you would think two 18 years olds, a 16 and 15-year-old would be too old for an egg hunt. Nope. We had to humor them as two of them are off to college in the fall. One of them is off to Monterey and the other is still in limbo. He is on the waitlist to NYU( by far his number 1)and he was accepted to BU and Tufts. Now he has to make up his mind. The three California acceptances are on the backburner because he has his heart set on one of the East Coast. There is a nice academic scholarship that will go unused because of the choice. I am mad, excited, happy and sad all at once. I started seeing a new therapist this week. We have dubbed her as Not Jean. LOL. She is lovely and kind but NJ. I guess it will take some getting used to I guess. I just feel that with my young man leaving for college my emotions seem to run away. I need someone that I can chat to so that I can work through this myriad of emotions. I am very happy for him. I am even very excited but bouts of incredible sadness seem to show up randomly. He is our life. I thank God that Bill and I get one with one another after 20 years and we love being together. Once we settle into our new reality in the fall I want us to start exploring away from this horrible place so that we can find a nice place to relocate to near the coast.

I think I have sold 4 more scarves. Very exciting. I feel like I am on the brink of something. I know this business is going to work. I have added a few new products to Redbubble. Here are my two of the new ideas. One is a design that I created for a competition with an endangered species.

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