My boy is now a man but…..

I was just looking at my latest post and I realized that I have not published any pictures from the guy’s 18th birthday. Lord, I posted something about his cousin’s 18th but not his. Bad mama. Well, we had a family gettogether and it was the first time that his sweet little girlfriend joined us along with his cousin’s boyfriend. We are moving into a new phase of life. The kiddos now have partners. It was a super celebration. I decided on a retro theme for the birthday. I even went to goodwill for some old records. It all worked out very well. His cousins made him some Pinterest specials with candy. Very cool. I had it catered by the Counter. It was so easy. I thought it was great. The guy came and set everything up. It is hard to believe that he is already 18. He is a grown man but he will always be my baby. I love you, Max.

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