New Projects

I have been taking photographs of all the new flowers blooming for Spring. I find the photos subjects in the strangest places. I have found California poppies growing on the dirt walkway at school. They are beautiful and orange and vibrant. I also found some Peonies at my sister’s and I have used them for designs on some new scarves. I am ramping up the scarf project. It looks like I have sold around 5-6 scarves via a friend of my mom. Very exciting. When I get the samples back I will be going to the boutiques and looking into the farmer’s markets. The summer art and wine festivals are a possibility but they want photos of your stall. Not sure how you can have that if you have yet to have a stall. For now, I am sharing on Social Media. I want to have my kiddo intern for me before he goes off to college in the fall. He can make sure my items are on all of my social media accounts daily. The only one that is a pain in the ass is Instagram. I process my art on my laptop and you cannot post to Instagram from your laptop so I have to transfer the art to my phone and then share. I just do not have the patience.I love working with the flower pictures. They create unusual artwork.

A link to one of my new scarves.



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