Butterflies and Poppies


Poppy Sunrise.
Mandala with Orange California Poppy

Interesting weekend. I am so irritated by the fact that my energy level is completely depleted again. I am sure that the iron is all gone in my body again. I had the infusions three months ago and all of a sudden I am feeling washed out again. So annoying. I planned on a walk today but to be honest I wish I could go sleep. Yesterday I spent the day writing an essay on Pablo Neruda for my Honors English class. I thought that it would be daunting but I am pretty sure I can finish it this week. I basically just have to add an analysis of 4 of his poems. I am still flabbergasted at how much I enjoy writing. We have a slam poetry presentation this week. Honestly, I would rather not. I am the only person in the class over 25…at double that btw. Only the teacher is about a year older than me. These kids are Max’s age. I have three ready to go. What I know about slam poetry is dangerous. Maybe I will share them in a different post. We went out to dinner last night. I managed to maintain control and I ate a third of my dinner. Victory. The iron infusions made me put on weight and I am just now shaking it off….just in time for a possible second round of infusions…great!My anxiety has a chokehold on me again this weekend. I am not sure of all the reasons but I do wish we had a college decision and the poor kid is very confused. I spent the morning working on this design. I have just listed it on Redbubble. It will also go up on my other sites as well. It is so exciting that a friend of my mom took the scarves to her office and sold 6. It is a slog to try and figure out where I can go to sell the scarves. They look so great in person.A photo does not do them any justice. butteflyscarf copyLink to butterfly floor cushions.

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