Boston Trip and MIT reunion

This posting is long overdue. I have been so busy with my two new summer classes that I cannot think straight. The work is taking up a lot of my time. I am doing the Biology of Nutrition and Psychology. Wow! My brain is so slow. It seems like the coursework just sails right through my head. I hope that I am at least retaining some knowledge. We had a lovely trip to Boston for my husband’s MIT reunion. The highlight for me was the Boston Pops. We hitched a ride on a bus where we were the youngest couple by at least 20 years. The music was spectacular. It was so great for Will to enjoy this reunion. I felt like I was less high maintenance. Things are just seeming easier these days. My therapist gave me this article about the Bozos on the bus. It is about feeling like a freak but you soo realize that everyone feels the same. Keeping that in mind really helped. I found that it was so much easier to socialize this time….now I will admit there was maybe some Lorazapam involved. We also took a train to Boston College. It was a beautiful campus. I really loved Boston. It is a lovely town. I have a thing for russian nesting dolls. I found this adorable set of 10. This is the largest one. IMG_2566We have this tradition…all be it a wacky tradition that the guys always pose with a cushion on their heads in the hotel we are staying in. The boy was in Spain on a school choir trip so his dad did it for him. IMG_2307My husband got to spend time with his college roommate. They decided to recreate a picture that they took in college. Here is the result.

IMG_2457The boy had a super trip to Spain.I love that he was exposed to the beauty and culture of Europe…before it is destroyed.

I am settling into my class routine. I have to keep slogging until Jul 20th. If I can just last until then I will have 6 more credits towards my degree.

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