The Rain in Spain

justthe3ofusThe boy should be landing in Spain as I am typing this blog. He is off with his school choir singing in the Cathedrals in Spain. It is very exciting. They will even be singing in a Benedictine Monastery/School in Spain. He text me from Germany this morning. He has not slept of course but that is how you roll when ¬†you are young and hanging with your friends. I cannot wait to hear the stories. We are off to Boston today to celebrate my husband’s 30th College reunion. How did we get to a 30 year reunion that quickly? We are too young for that. That is just not possible.

We are using UBER to get to the airport. I actually cannot believe we are using them. I hate the SOBs. The drivers are always lost, dazed and confused. They cause havoc on the roads in our area. They think that because they have that backwards C on their car they can just stop anywhere…..and I mean anywhere.

I hate flying so I will be partaking in a Lorazapam to calm my nerves.

I just got a text from Boy that he had landed in Spain and he is on a bus. So glad that he did well on the plane. He is like his mother for sure.

Well wish me luck. Hopefully I will blog from Boston. I know not many people read this but I find it therapeutic. My therapist gave me this article to take with me. It is about everyone being a bozo on the bus. In other words you may feel insecure and like a freak but when you go into a social situation chances are that everyone or at least most of the people in the room could be feeling the same way. I am going to make this my mantra this weekend. I am a little intimidated because this is an MIT reunion but I will imagine everyone being a Bozo.

Oh well this Bozo is on her way out of the door.

Catch you later.



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