Tea for two

I have a older lady classmate at the college that I have been attending. She just had a birthday and she is going in for surgery in a week so I decided to treat her to a California version of an English High Tea. I spotted a cute tea room in the city that we live and I made a reservation. The place was adorable. I was pleasantly surprised but the food quality. There food was fresh and tasty. My anxiety over going was escalating fast yesterday morning. I felt like I would not cope with being out. It got so bad that I was almost in tears before I left home. Once I got there I started to relax. I had a lovely time . I need to remember these instances to help calm myself in future.

IMG_2167The kiddo finished school for the year. He is now a rising senior. I cannot believe that the  17 years flew by so fast. We spent the afternoon going to visit his nana and papa so he could see them before he heads off the Spain with the choir. We got to hang out with the cousins and my sister. My one niece graduated from middle school and I went pinteresting and made her a crown made of $1 bills and a tootsie roll wreath. The outcome was great. It is a very easy project.


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