Cherry Bombs and Neruda


Yellow Pansies at Stanford Shopping Center this evening. 

Good Morning! I did not get to post yesterday. I could have taken the time but I have essays to write for my Honors English class so I was a little engrossed in that project. One of the essays is a twelve page essay on Pablo Neruda and the other a three page on The Alchemist. I cannot believe that at the ripe “young” age of  51 I actually love working on the essays. I also have this project for my animation class. I have to do my own take on the classic(so I was told) Bambi and Godzilla cartoon. Being a child of the eighties, I decided to take on Pacman. He will eat the cherries until he is taken out by a falling cherry bomb. I have less than zero interest in this class so we will have to see that I can produce.

I had a meeting with my nutritionist yesterday. I was down to seeing her once every three months but she did me a favor and saw me yesterday. It was very helpful. Today turned out being pretty exciting. I had an English class and then I went to show my scarves to the fashion department faculty at school. They gave me some great tips on where to explore. I feel invigorated and more confident after the meeting. I am so anxious and I was very nervous but they made my day, week…month. They bought two of the scarves to display in the fashion department. I found that so thrilling. I am feeling more and more that  I can make it go somewhere. I am also getting a feeling for which scarves seem to attract the most attention. I am gathering more and more information and I am committing to spend the next few months going to fairs and shows to figure out how to display the products. I am also trying to figure out which products are the best for the designs.

I took an old college friend to lunch today. It was nice spending a few hours chatting with her. It was just what I needed this afternoon. The place we chose was nice and quiet and it is so neat to relax and not feel rushed.

Look at this beauty

Tomorrow I am going to go and visit the old folks and my sister. We are going to breakfast and then I think we will go for a walk and look at all of the boutiques as a possible place to sell the scarves. This weekend I am going to see if there are any farmers markets that I can explore.

I had the weirdest thing happen to me today. I was expecting my “Stitchfix” box and I arrived home to find two boxes on the doorstep. I thought maybe that they had sent me two boxes in error. I looked at the shipping date and the one box is a box that I never received in January.  That is beyond peculiar. Sure enough I checked my records and it is the January Box. Needless to say it is full of winter clothes. I wonder where it has been for 3 months. …On the back of the Fedex truck?




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