Abstraction Distraction


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Good Morning everyone. So here it is. This is what I came up with. My designs are really all over the place. I still cannot say that I have a distinct style. I just go wherever it takes me and today I went down this colorful brick road. Wacky, Crazy but I found putting the colors together very appealing. I enjoyed this one. It is very different to anything else…as usual.

I have the snoring man to thank for making me sick. I now have his darn cold. My chest is tight and I have a nose thing going on. I have two classes today….arghhhhh. I am so not in the mood. I have unfortunately missed too many classes so I have to go. It is cold and the walk from the car is long…geez I sound like a whiner.Sorry. I am just not feeling it this semester. I had to produce this animation for the other class. I have zero interest in animation.

I am just about to replenish my sample scarf supply with the ones that were sold and I think I will add this one. Once this chest thing is gone I want to go to the boutiques and plug my wares. On Friday I am hoping to go to one of these cottage industry places to see about a booth. It might be worthwhile. Also, I want to get in contact with the fashion department at my college and ask for any tips that they might have for me.  The video below is a rotoscope of myself walking. So lame. As you can see it is just not my thing. LOL

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