I am lying here in the dark listening to my darling husband snoring. I should be asleep as well but my mind is rambling and careening itself in to unnecessary ditches. Everything makes me want to cry at the moment, My mood is less than desirable. I started the day with taking the Lexus for a service and while I sat and waited I worked on a design for a fabric contest. Did not create anything workable but it kept me busy while I waited. I then went shopping for dinner ingredients….a kickass white bean and ground chicken chili. ….lf I say so myself. I tend to take recipes and make up my own similar versions. It works. It just means that you never get the same dish twice. My lasagna is always good but never the same. It is always a surprise when I use the instant pot. I should have photographed it for the blog. Next time.

I then will confess to a two hour nap. I am definitely out of sorts.I tweaked my hip really badly last night. I turned and it collapsed on me. I was limping the most of today. I have it taped up with KT Tape. Hoping for some relief.

There was some real crazy Armageddon type weather this morning. We had wind, rain and hail followed by a 3.9 earthquake and then snow in the Santa Cruz mountains.

Unfortunately that is as good as it gets today folks. I will share my design entry tomorrow.

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