Feeling like death warmed up

geodeDarn! I woke up as sick as a dog. My chest is crackling and wheezing. I have been on the bed most of the day. I have less than zero energy. I have not felt this crappy in a long time. There was no way I was going to visit the family in the Southbay for breakfast. I could not even imagine eating breakfast let alone driving 30 miles for a meal. My chest is always a worry as it is my weakness so I think if it gets any worse then I will go to urgent care tomorrow. I was supposed to wash the kiddo’s dress pants because it is his senior prom tomorrow and I have completely spaced out. I better get right on that after dinner.  Watch this space for prom pictures tomorrow. I cannot wait to see him all dressed up again tomorrow. My styling kid. They are such a cute couple so I am sure the pictures will be adorable. This is a very short check in but honestly, nothing exciting happens when you are binge watching crap on Hulu just because you are too tired to move. I did get some items posted on this site called Vida.com. It has lovely stuff but their interface is awful. The website is very hokey. My shopvida store. Arghh. It is almost dinner time and the guys are both home. I was hoping to give Bill leftovers but with Max home, I have to find something…I guess it is time to haul out the Costco chicken soup. Yes, I know…Processed food. We do not do that as a rule but sometimes you do what you have to do. What can I say? Oh well let this cranky mama say goodbye and maybe this will be more interesting tomorrow. Anxiety is worse than ever to boot.

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