Senior Prom. Whooop Whoop!


Look at these beautiful young people all set for prom earlier this evening. It is a stunning night tonight. My boy has his own unique style he ordered the jacket and bow tie from a British store on the internet. His girlfriend is a really beautiful young woman..inside and out. She exudes elegance and grace.  They are so lucky that they have each other.

This was a really wacky and not what I expected. This morning I popped out early to go to the mall to pick up the boutonniere and corsage for the kids. My kiddo had to attend a chamber singers competition. I then popped into Macy’s to return dresses and pick up two different bowties ….just in case. Then I stopped at the post office to drop off my stitchfix return at the post office.

I drove over to Urgent care to be checked out. I was really cruddy yesterday. I waited an hour and then I had a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia. My lungs were pretty clear. I am not sure how you cannot breathe and have clear lungs. She then…..wait for this …swabbed me to see if I have pertussis aka whooping cough….WTHECK…seriously whooping cough.What kind of a third world heap of dung we live in…California?Supposedly my  DTap booster in 2010 is no longer working. I am not entirely convinced that it is whooping cough but I have a zpack of antibiotics for the next four days. I am not crazy about taking antibiotics because of my cdiff nightmare three years ago. Not much designing going on today. My love and I watched a very cute movie called the Big Sick. I want to crash but the boy asked if he could go to a party after the prom. Who knows what time he will be home?

I hope you are having a fab weekend. If you are bored you can come over and do my laundry. I am trying to figure out where I am going to get the energy for the laundry tomorrow. Catch ya later.

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