Lazy days and Laundry

bethankfulThis has been an interesting 24 hours. At 2:45am last night the kiddo asked if he could sleep over at a friend’s house. There is a group of theater friends who often like to hang out. I knew where he was(thank you Find my iPhone)and I fully trust the family. Unfortunately, I had dozed off and only saw the message at 3:20am. I answered no worries but I wanted him to acknowledge the message. He had fallen asleep and he answered an hour later. We then fell into a deep sleep until 8am. My breathing was really awful last night. I sounded pretty scarey. My kiddo says I sounded like a dolphin.Today I hobbled through the laundry because no one came around to bail me out…just kidding. I have been quietly working on the couch and watching youtube. I had plans to go to the farmers market close by to see if they have non-food vendors but being like a limp noodle at the moment that will just have to wait. My coughing fits are sporadic and my abs feel like they have had a super workout. I do not even want to cough. Supposedly you are highly contagious for two weeks. Great. I cannot go and visit my parents then because the old girl has COPD.

I worked on new profiles for two new sites this weekend. Well actually three but I have been reading bad reviews on one of them so I am a little hesitant to actually use the site.

Happy Sunday and may this coming week be a good one.


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