Corel Paint Experiment

The day has been as thrilling as watching grass grow….or something like that. I am not seeing much improvement with the antibiotics. I have two more days. Hopefully, I will get some relief soon. I am still hacking all day long. I needed a nap to recover from going to the store to pick up a few items and to mail back a Stitchfix box. Who the heck needs a nap from a trip to the store. So the rest of the day was pretty boring and uneventful but believe it or not I still made the guys a lasagna from scratch. Every time I make it I always make double the ground beef and freeze the rest. It is always easy to just get the oven ready lasagna sheets, make a cheese bechamel sauce and wham bam you can layer up a delicious homemade dinner.

I cannot fathom walking the distance from my car to class tomorrow and so I think that I will skip school. I need to email my professors to explain. All my work is up to date so I do not see a problem.

Tonight is supposed to be D day. The boy is supposed to give us a decision on where he wants to go to college. He has the five choices but he has narrowed it to two.Still holding out for NYU waitlist but the two other choices are not shabby. Hopefully tonight we will know if he is a terrier or an elephant. LOL. Watch this space.

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