Enough already

quietmindIf I have to sit on this couch and watch television for another day I am going to scream. Lord, I am so bored but the lightest of physical activity leaves me completely winded. I do not have the mental energy even to be creative. Not much creating going on on this couch in the past few days. I constantly look around at ideas an I feel 100 years old. I have things to do. I have no time for this at all. I received the results back from the whooping cough test and it is not whooping cough so as I suspected I am sure that it is severe bronchitis….have I told you that already?

So the boy has committed to Tufts. I am so proud of him. He will be great there. I just know it. He also knows that he can come home at any point at all. I am so happy that we know of two other families who have kids that will be going there as well. He also has a good friend going to college across the Charles at Berklee. I cannot believe our baby is ending up at university a few miles from where his dad went to college. The cliche, “Circle of Life” comes to mind.

This evening I am a very tiny bit better. I hope that tomorrow I will be up for my visit with (not Jean). I will see if this is going to work out or if I need to keep looking. I am super anxious right now and I need to work it out and try and make it more manageable.

Tomorrow I hope to go and pick up a few items to make two more of those money cakes. My two other special girls are turning 15 and 16 in the next two weeks and so I want to make each of them mini money cake. I will post step by step pictures as I am making them. We are getting ready to celebrate 3 birthdays in the first twelve days of May as well as Mother’s day. Maybe I can conjure up something creative for Mother’s day. If I do I will post instructions to the creations. I had better put on my creative hat.


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