Day 2-Shelter in place

This is what I finished up today and I started a new one. How are you all keeping busy? I decided to pull out a junk journal and some of my plethora of art supplies from the Redwood Shores NYU campus…aka my craft room/ boy’s bedroom.I have I am having a really rough day today full of fear,anxiety and panic. I tried to take a nap…no luck. I tried to draw…nope. I could not even fathom going for a walk today. Lovie got his walk in and he says that it started raining and it was pretty windy.

I am going to post the pictures that I have taken when I do actually go out on the walk. The kiddo makes me laugh. He told me that he is going to end up with bedsores. Funny boy. This is a nightmare. It is like living groundhog day. Wake up wondering what I should do today and where to go…OH shit..Same shit different day. This is really messed up. Where will it all end. This is going to be a short blog. Look after yourself and be safe. Love and socially distant hugs

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