Day 9-Just too much

Papa after his quest for toilet paper yesterday. This man is very hard to keep in quarantine. On a regular day he loves to go out and find things. I wish he would sit his ass down and stay put.

Tonight I am having an extremely difficult time with this virus.(emotionally not physically). The fear and terror just came bubbling out like a fountain. It is difficult to decide just how much to read. The news out of New York seems to affect me the most.I also heard that the Kaiser Permanente Hospital in San Jose has 50% of it’s patients suffering with Covid. That is frightening. I do not how much I will type tonight as the mental strain is draining me tonight. I had to talk to my Dr today to check whether my medications were working. I had a 40 min appointment online. Tomorrow I have a video appointment with the nutritionist. I am not to worried about that. I know that I can call not Jean if I need her but I am trying to just be strong. I am back to seeing her weekly so I will just hang in there until Monday. I have not walked in three days. I have not been in the mood and it has been raining and cold. That is my story and I am sticking to it.

The kiddo has finished his first week at school remotely. It seems to have worked out well. I really hope we are getting some money returned to us. $37 000 for distance learning…I don’t think so. I can hear him upstairs chatting to his friends in Jersey and Houston. Poor Kids. It really does suck to be a young person starting out your adult life and to now be faced with this obstacle. How much fun can it be being stuck at home with your parents. So heartbreaking.

I have not been overeating as I mentioned but it is 12:35 am and I just had a mini bender. I had six crackers and cheese and ten squares of Cadbury fruit and nut. Who the bleep cares I guess. I am still hellbent on counting calories and weighing myself right through this crisis. I am compulsive about it. Cannot stop.

I did cut out at least 10 fabric masks today. I am going to see how I can sew them so that you can insert a filter as needed. I plan to spend this weekend sewing. I promised my Dr today that I will mail her two. She says she has none so these are better than nothing. Watch for some pictures in the next few days. Stay strong,safe and healthy.

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