Gulp…5 days

Get ready to be blown away by the utter yawn fest you are about to read. We are five days out and today is a cold blustery day. Getting geared up for the cold…not. Shit,

Did not have anything of my own so this is a GG bridge taken by the boy on Sunday.

they say the highs will be around 30 and the lows 20…I think I mentioned that before.   I have the boy to myself for a day..hopefully…if he does not run off to hang out with friends. We are going to clear the dining room table decor and start staging all of the college stuff that needs to be packed…clothing, mementos, photos, music equipment…etc. Shit is getting real and my heart is splitting apart more and more every day. Lord this is going to be rough. He is never around very much so I have sort of gotten used to it but it still sucks. They need to share this when they are born. I think I have said that already. I think we are going out to lunch today.


I went to school yesterday. I did not realize that the portfolio building class would only be 8 weeks but I have to attend it at school. My other classes are online. This is the first time I have had this instructor who happens to be the head of the department. What a refreshing change. He is interesting, engaging and funny. Refreshing relief after the other old fart I have suffered through for 3 years.
Well, that is another day of the scintillating countdown. Happy Humpday and see you tomorrow..or the next.

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