An early illustration on my Ipad.

So today is Friday and so we have three days to go. We have been piling all of the kiddo’s stuff on the dining room table. Tomorrow we will start packing.  I have been so shut down about this for over a week and today it is getting too real. I went to Restorative Yoga today. It was super relaxing. I realized that I am finally getting the restorative advantage. I think for the first 3 months I was so worried about getting it perfect but now I am waking up to the fact that it is not about getting the poses perfect but it is about relaxing and rejuvenating. However, I do not think that any amount of restorative will help me tonight. I hope to God I sleep tonight. To make matters worse the weather is looking very, very bleak. There is a blizzard style storm moving into the eastern part of the country. I am terrified of landing in that shitty weather. Why is life so complicated?The anxiety has been shoved down for the past month but it is bubbling up out of control. This evening it is so bad that I want to vomit.

I heard from the Hematologist’s office yesterday. When I return I will be getting 5 infusions of iron again. I sure hope that it does something for my energy and breathing issues. I have also been plowing ahead with the school work. I am so scared I am going to hit a wall with the math so I am working as fast as I can in what I can remember and then when I get back I think lovie will have to put on his tutor’s hat. Fifty-Two and doing math. Lord help me. Not so great.

Well here is to another boring countdown day. Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend.

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