One day more or two sleeps more

tragic.jpgSo sad. I was waiting for my doctor to arrive this morning and I saw these wings on the ground. So beautiful but sad. It looks like someone ripped it apart. The one wing is in perfect shape. I brought them home so that I can include them in my art journal that I have started. The picture was not great but if I create something exciting I will post it. I ran around like a chicken without a head today. To the doctor to pick up my prescription for my anxiety before the trip. I had just left her and she calls to tell me that she used the wrong prescription pad and needed me to come back at 3.30pm. So then I went shopping and came home to give the guys lunch and to do three loads of laundry. Back to the Dr to get the prescription. Then to office depot to get a few things and then to the pharmacy to drop off the prescription and then home. Whew…I had just sat down and the boys wanted to talk about dinner plans. We decided to go to Creola in San Carlos. It is one of the places we go to often. My favorite place and where I celebrated my 50th birthday. We came home and I am relaxing in front of mindless youtube while I work on this and my journal. We are leaving all of the packing for tomorrow. You do not want to see how wrecked the dining room is at the moment. There is a mountain of crap waiting to be packed.

Well, tomorrow I will try and post the packing adventure. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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