Day 6 and 7

I did not write yesterday as I was having a really rough time. My sister and nieces went to visit the old folks and the photos below were the photos that my sister sent me. They made me so sad. This is such a ridiculous and messed up situation. The pictures made me so sad that I just wanted to cry all day long.

Yesterday we started cleaning the house. We missed Nora a little but I think we did a decent job on the third floor. Lovie did an excellent job on our tub. Bedding is all clean and fresh. I was supposed to tackle the second floor today including the kitchen. I did clean off the kitchen table with dettol and wiped down the appliances and counters with dettol. I also rearranged the fridge this evening so it is more organized and everything in there is fresh. Today I had to pick up my medication refills so I decided that I would go out and get some extras for lunches. I have found that I have planned for the guys being home for every meal but I am having to cook lunch every day. It was getting a little old I guess. I went out to a produce store in San Mateo. Donned my gloves and mask and headed into the produce store. It was actually great because I got the veggies I needed and a few other items that I was looking for. I then realized I was close to Draeger’s Grocery Store and although they are super expensive my nerves were getting more frayed by the minute. I just wanted to get home. My original plan was Mollie Stones but I was so close that I just went with Draeger’s. It was not too busy. I found all the salad I was looking for. I got us 6 bags of chopped salads. I also picked up Corn crust pizzas that will make easy meals. I also managed to pick up some beef stewing pieces for the freezer. I used one pack tonight in my bean soup. I got bread and a few treats and then I headed home and I was completely frazzled. I was almost home and I saw the text from the pharmacy so I turned around and went to pick up my medication. I changed my gloves at every spot. I have this whole ritual of taking off the gloves and throwing them in a garbage bag just for them in my trunk. I then get in the car and spray my hands and steering wheel and anything I have touched with dettol spray. I also spray my phone with dettol. I was literally choking on dettol fumes today. Talk about paranoid. The whole trip exhausted me mentally. I got home and made Max some lunch early as he had a class on zoom at 12:30pm. I had my much needed appointment with Not Jean at 2:30pm. The online meeting works pretty well. I must say it is easier than I thought. I really needed to talk it out today. I am struggling with the panic and we spoke about things I could do to make it easier. I am frustrated that if you ask me what I have done this week I can tell you…NOTHING…a big fat nothing. Boy did three classes today. He said it went well. He is really enjoying my Dreambox as his new lecture desk..LOL. What a weird world.

So now that this shopping has been done we do not need to leave the house for three weeks for sure. If we do not have it we will not have it. Oh the one weirdness was that in the three places I went to today absolutely no one had yeast. I was going to try and make bread and I cannot find yeast. I had to order it on Amazon and it will only be here next week. In this instant gratification society that has spoilt us in the past 10 years this is an adjustment. We are very used to getting things in the stores whenever we want them and it is no problem to get items delivered in a day.

Tomorrow I am going to try and commit to get one positive thing done this week. I am thinking that I should set up the cricut and sewing machine and makes some masks. There is a very bad shortage of masks and today the kiddo’s pediatrician office emailed all their patients and ex-patients to ask if anyone has masks to donate or make. I have a found a free mask pattern on It is a great mask as it has a pouch for a filter. I think that it might make me feel a little better. I have to try and remember that I cannot control this and it is in the hands of the man upstairs. We will just have to go along for the ride and hope that we come out the other side sane and healthy with a new appreciation for everything we have. I was so grateful that boy is home because NY has over 20 000 people infected.

Well that is all that I have to share today. Stay safe, stay healthy and love one another.

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