Day 5…

Day 5

Nana gets cuter by the day. Look how pretty she looks with her makeup. Shit, I have not worn makeup in three days and I do not have any eyebrows or eyelashes but wear a mask and dark glasses on a walk and you are set.
I woke up in a mood. The anxiety and nervousness did not even have the decency to wait until the late afternoon to show up. I decided that today I am on strike when it comes to walking. I did not want to go out and so I sat on the couch most of the day. I did straighten up the kitchen pantry which is packed with so much shelf-stable food that we do not normally eat. I also made the boys some lunch and sat and made a grocery list of items to pick up when I go to the store on Monday. I ordered refills for my medication and it is at the grocery store pharmacy so I can make one trip in and out in gloves and a mask. I am getting so scared of going out. I know this is not going down a healthy path for me. I will walk tomorrow as long as it is not raining.
Tomorrow is laundry day so that should break the monotony. Tragic when laundry is the highlight of the day. We are going to clean the house as well. We have been very spoilt with the cleaning lady coming every other week but we told her to rather be with her family and I am mailing her pay. We are taking a floor a day. We will start on the third floor tomorrow and clean the bedrooms, change the bedding and clean the bathrooms. The boy will take care of his room. Monday I will take care of the second floor and the first floor just needs a vacuum.
Thank goodness the boy is in way better shape today. His chest has calmed down and he had a quiet day writing a script for a class on Monday. He is busy putting the final touches to a new song. Poor kid went out and sat in his car to listen to his music. He decided not to go for a drive or he would lose his parking spot.
I made them nachos for dinner and I could not for the life of me think of what I should eat so I chose to make one of my Daily Harvest smoothies. I took about two hours to drink it but it was pretty good and at least nourishing.

We watched a corny show called Avenue C but good for a mindless laugh. I sat watching youtube on my laptop while the guys watched the premiere of Westworld.

Well that is all the excitement in our lives today. We hope that you are all safe and hunkered down with your family. Stay safe, listen to the suggestions and keep yourselves healthy.

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