4th of July

mbK+YMVLQ3yn7QnFtUNHvgA beautiful sunset on the 4th of July, This was the beautiful burning sunset while we were waiting for the fireworks. The usual suspects were a small motley crew this year. This is the last year the two oldest cousins will probably be around for the 4th. We had dinner and then we went up to wait for the darkness so we could watch the fireworks in Foster City. I am in bad shape at the moment and it meant nothing to me. I think I watched with my eyes wide shut.

Last night we had a parenting doozy. I will not get into the details but it has drained me. I am wiped out emotionally. All I will say is TEENAGERS! I was supposed to be going to a flea market tomorrow with my scarves but I just cannot even fathom doing it tomorrow. I am to mentally washed out to even contemplate it. Maybe next month. Sorry about this very short blog but I am so tired from not sleeping last night. Have a good weekend. Stay cool.

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