IMG_1625Firstly, this picture has nothing to do with this blog but it just a picture that I took outside my front door months ago. The little boy who used to be our neighbor hung it on a tree outside my door. I loved the way it looked…obviously made from driftwood.

I am dragging so much today. I am still not sleeping so I am wrecked. I am like a walking zombie. As each day passes shit is getting real. The change is coming fast and furious and I know it is just a circle of life and it has to be but Geez that is easier said than done when it comes to acceptance. Had a pretty productive time with Not Jean today. Not sure why it helps to hash it out but it does. I did not get much done apart from that. I sat on the couch most of the day. I really have to make a commitment to keeping myself busy with activities that I enjoy. I am making a commitment to myself to go to yoga tomorrow morning. I have to get out. I have no ambition to do anything at the moment and the erratic eating is not doing me any good when it is mixed with my insomnia and iron deficiency. For that reason, this is the most boring blog ever. I did have a delicious Gingersnap coffee from Philz coffee…at least that was a treat. I did get the syllabus for my math class for this semester. YIKES. Can this old brain even add 1+1 successfully nowadays? Only time will tell


Oh well sorry to bore you silly. Maybe I will be more alive tomorrrow.

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